We will web-scrap and process the data or develop software for the needs of your company
We will web-scrap and process site data or develop software
for the needs of your company
We will find and systematize all the necessary data - about competitors, price fluctuations, market dynamics and news. We are ready to do web scraping for you, as well as create scraping software where you can set up filters and tasks as you wish
  • Marketing and
    Tracking the latest market trends, price changes and competitor activity
  • Recruiting
    and HR
    Allows you to extract information from Doc, Docx, JPG, HTML, RTF, PDF, PNG files and store the corresponding data in one database
  • Investment

    Research of stocks, brands, large companies and startups, profit forecasting and business strategy planning
Parsing tool helps get the actu information, find and organise data
  • Data availability
    The parser is able to find information that is hidden from the eyes of analysts and turn HTML files and code snippets into meaningful data for business analysis
  • Completeness of information
    We use a top-down analysis methodology.
    The parser first focuses on the main topic, and then works through all sections sequentially. The method allows you to display the most complete picture of information
  • Customisation
    You can easily customize the parser to suit your needs. In order to use the parser tools, there is no need to have specific technical knowledge. We have made the interface intuitive for the user. In addition, our technical support is always ready to help with setting up and adapting when working with the program.
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