Complex development of software, Web/Mobile solutions and strengthening of the team by top specialists
Complex development of software, Web/Mobile solutions and strengthening of the team by top specialists
How can we help you?
  • Full-circle development
    We are ready to allocate a full-fledged team capable of implementing a project of any complexity. All of our employees have extensive experience working together on our own Revolver products, as well as building customer products from scratch to a successful release
  • Projects and
    Our team includes specialists in the development of such qualifications as: Middle+, Senior and Lead senior
    We are ready to join an existing project to optimize your costs and speed up work at any stage of development

  • Staff
    We will strengthen your team with highly qualified and rare specialists. Back-end and front-end developers, project managers with extensive experience in Scrum and Agile, as well as design and testing specialists are ready to join your team
We are experts of development
    Design, development and implementation of software products
    Development of websites, applications and cross-platform solutions
    Game development on Unity, game design, creation of graphics and game mechanics
    Parsing websites, competitive analysis, data and price stats, market dynamics and news
  • Innovative
    We constantly keep abreast of IT industry trends, follow technological innovations in order to manage to implement the most modern and innovative of them in our work.

  • Transparent
    We are focused on business partnerships with customers and are committed to long-term cooperation. And strong relationships, in our opinion, are built on transparency.
  • Efficient
    We work on the basis of an iterative approach, which allows us to ensure constant quality control at each stage. It is by minimizing errors in the process of short cycles that our developers and managers can provide excellent results in a time that is comfortable for the client.
  • Qualifed
    Constant quality control and testing, focus on the final result are our main guidelines when working with a client request. Thanks to the involvement and responsible approach, we provide the highest quality development
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